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Advisor Alliance Program

As industry professionals know, contacts and relationships are the lifeblood of our businesses. We help make it easy to monetize an additional part of your business without incurring additional costs or overhead. The industry continues to shift towards bundled service providers and word of mouth recommendations. Our alliance has helped numerous professionals strengthen client relationships and become more involved in the clients overall financial affairs. Our goal is to simplify and streamline the investment process while providing superior asset management and planning to professionals and individuals alike.

About The Program

Establish a partnership with Tallus Capital Management to assist in the management of investment assets. Tallus Capital Management has experience working in tandem with industry professionals and their clients. We will walk the professional through the process of becoming series 65 registered and an investment advisor representative. The professional will be able to solicit new accounts through this capacity.

Advisor Alliance Program Brochure


The professional will receive a portion of the fees from solicited accounts. Fees are discussed and set between Tallus Capital Management and the professional from the ongoing annual advisory account charges; up to 40 basis points. The professional will control the client relationship, and a Tallus advisor will meet jointly with the client and professional if preferred. We utilize various customizable portfolios and assess competitive fees based on client asset amount. The client is made aware of this relationship through a one page disclosure document signed by both the client and the professional.

Costs To Start Up

Tallus Capital will pay the costs for the professional’s participation in the program. The following costs will be covered for qualified professionals after joint determination and on the successful creation of a partnership:

  • State registration fees for the professional
  • IARD registration fee
  • Compliance fee
  • Costs to study for Series 65 and pass test (generally a month long process)

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Jeff Pisan, CFP®, AAMS®

Jeff Pisan, CFP®, AAMS®

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Ren&#233; Hamilton<br />Branch Operations Manager

René Hamilton
Branch Operations Manager

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Mark Burford, AAMS&#174;

Mark Burford, AAMS®

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